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Purchase your 1 RNZIR 'RED DIAMOND' Lapel Pin
1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment

In response to repeated customer requests, the 1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment 'RED DIAMOND' Lapel Pin is produced for those of you having proudly served with the unit. The badge has a red background with numeral 1 centered with gold trim signifying the 1st Battalion and the diamond patch worn on the left shoulder of uniforms.

RNZIR Red Diamond Lapel Pin
Wear this 1 RNZIR 'Red Diamond' lapel pin with pride, signifying your service and 1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment's esprit de corp!

About the Red Diamond
From 1957 there were two active regular infantry battalions in the New Zealand Army, the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the New Zealand Regiment. The 2nd Battalion was formed in 1959 to relieve the 1st Battalion in Malays at the end of that year. The 2nd Battalion adopted a unit insignia, being a cloth RED DIAMOND worn on the upper left sleeve on battalion members dress wear. The Red Diamond shoulder patch is recognition of its antecedent, being 22nd Battalion, 2nd New Zealand Expeditonary Force [2NZEF]. The 22nd Battalion was the longest serving of the New Zealand infantry battalions that made up the 2NZEF from 1939 to 1947. The Battalion was disbanded in Japan on 7th August 1947 to become 2nd Battalion of the NZ Army.

Whilst the 1st Battalion was deployed in Malaysia the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment [RNZIR] was born from amalgamation of the two regular Battalions commencing from 1 May 1964. Of significance was retention of the 2nd Battalion New Zealand Infantry Regiment RED DIAMOND unit insignia by 1st Battalion, Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment, denoted as 1 RNZIR.

Dimensions ~ 20 x 20mm
Flathead tie tack clutch
Spur nail on backside
$11.00, pack & post additional
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1 RNZIR Red Diamond Lapel Pin
Standard post within New Zealand is $3.50, calculated on check out.

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1 RNZIR unit history
Do you know the history of your unit's formation as 1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment in 1964, click this link to learn it., a trading entity of Premier Strategics Ltd [1988]. Copyright all rights reserved. 31 English Street, Hamilton 3200, New Zealand. Updated 30 August 2016.